Creative and art direction

Creative directors determine not just only the visual style but also the creative approach that the brand should adopt. They make this possible by producing a framework of visual behavior that extends to all elements of communication and creates unity, clarity and economy. Art direction ensures effective, functional communication and “storytelling” that evoke the principles that underpin the brand.

Sometimes it’s about creating a visual language, sometimes it’s “the style of the house” or even “creating the new collection”.

We translate the brand identity and promise you to put it into an individual, different style of communication, whether visual, sound or written.

Whether we are working on visual identity or designing the component elements of a company’s communications armoury, at Unconventional we create designs that brands can take ownership of. It has to be specific to them, making them stand out from the rest, as well as being recognizable and memorable.

The discipline involves creative directors, art directors and designers, photographers, interactive designers and developers.

Creating the house’s “How to do” and a unique communication style.