Brand idea and identity

Companies and institutions are looking to innovate and to create a big impact as a way of ensuring they are competitive and effective. They are seeking to do this by designing products and services that are “life changing” for individuals, for the society or for a part of society. The impact depends on how well the initiative, design and innovation serves the needs of the customer and the marketplace but also on how much the community stands to benefit and how much profit is generated for the company and its shareholders. Unconventional develops ideas, concepts, brands, products and services that can be “life changing” and that are delivered as part of corporate’s upcoming generation evolution program, or even as part of social responsibility initiatives.

Brand idea and identity

What is the lovable and pr-able idea that will grow the business and drive it forward?

Brand promise

What are the reasons why customers will prefer your brand instead of the others?

Relevance and purpose

What are the products, the services and the experiences that provide the customer with the brand promise?

Branding for social ends

  • Brand strategy for corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Brand and design strategy for sustainable initiatives.
  • Integration of Creative Thinking and social ended.
  • Map of social ecosystem.

Brand strategy

How is your idea to deliver the benefits of your brand to your customers?
Can you innovate with a distribution strategy?