Product and service design

At Unconventional the design of products and services is at the heart of our portfolio as one of the most effective platforms for creating value, devising your strategy regarding innovation and also as part of your strategy for creating your Unique Selling Proposition.

Making products that resonate with and mean something to the user or consumer; creating new solutions and addressing emerging emotional and rational needs through new products, functions or services – these are the most powerful of all the tools there are for creating solid relationships with consumers. The product and the service are central and must, perforce, create an impact in the sense of being truly useful and life-changing to individuals and the public or society at large.

This discipline involves research, insights product design, communication, digital and interactive media design to then be able to design experiences, products, services and places where the products can be sold, acquired or used.

This approach, which is integral to the design of experiences, requires of diferent disciplines to be brought together in a systematic way. It also requires an understanding or re-design of the technological, commercial and organizational context that will facilitate the delivery of an innovative service.

In each project we do at Unconventional, we create a specific team of creative directors, industrial designers, architects or interior designers to develop the whole project.

Unconventional offers an interdisciplinary service that includes everything from conception and design to point of sale.

Design management

  • Design as a platform for creating value.
  • Ideas and concepts.
  • Creative direction.
  • Product and service portfolio.
  • Improving the design team.
  • Creating new business and enhancing the product.

Product and service design

  • Design briefing.
  • Synthesis and concept development.
  • Designer profile.
  • Product / Service design.
  • Prototyping.
  • Efficiency and functionality.
  • Launch.