Trend analysis and forecasting

Analysis and Insights

Unconventional has its own observatory that provides analysis, insights and forecasting trends. At Unconventional, we also receive information from a wide range of trend companies (from macro trends to style trends) to offer you a wider and richer vision that the one that you probably receive from just one team or one company.

We can provide you with an ad hoc review/presentation of what is happening out there and will become relevant for your company. We also do monthly statements on how things are changing on different subjects from technology to kids.

Synthesis and critical advice

Unconventional can offer you and your company vision and critical advice on all that you need to know to adopt a new way of reaching new markets and consumers, focusing just on those aspects that will be relevant for your brand to take into account in your new adventure.

On many occasions we are called upon to interpret other people’s views to extrapolate the strongest and most relevant points from all that information that it is sometimes difficult to synthesize and on the basis of which it is even more difficult to take effective well targeted decisions and actions.

Brand opportunities landscape

We put these insights to work for a new idea of your business, we draw new market possibilities for your products and create your brand opportunities landscape.

You will see your company’s timeline and determine what your company will do more off and what will do less of in the coming years.

Research and analysis of trends

What key needs are we to address? In which direction are the new consumers headed?

Brand opportunities landscape

What business opportunities are out there that other brands are not doing anything about?

Unique consumer segmentations

A set of new consumers key attitudes and behavior and guidelines to match your strategies to their desires and needs.

Targeting and positioning

Where will the brand be positioned in the consumer’s mind? See what is to come and will be relevant before others.