Envirommental design

Designing interesting and rich spaces

Offices, headquarters, showrooms, exhibitions, stands and new concepts for shops and capsule stores are all expressions of the brand’s and the company’s identity and are perhaps the closest and most sensory way there is to getting a real ‘sense’ of the brand and its values.

The design of the space, the materials, the layout and the routes round the store, the atmosphere, the lighting, the temperature, the smell and the colour are many of the features that should help produce positive experiences associated with the brand promise and values.

Our experience of collaborating with the most eminent architects, interior designers and industrial designers has led us to create unusual spaces that trigger emotions and boost credibility.

Environmental design

  • Corporate Architecture.
  • Store Design.
  • Showrooms.
  • Shop in Shop.
  • Stands.
  • Exhibition Design.
  • Set Design.