Communication strategy

Creating emotional connections with audiences on-line/off-line

Creating emotional connections with consumers in the 21st century involves changing the traditional concept of “the brand offers” to the new “the brand shares” concept.

With a classic approach to branding everything would seem to be in place and ready to go. However brands are concepts that are increasingly alive, subject to adjustments and developments that echo the changes that people undergo in uncertain times. Brands need to be managed with greater attention paid to these changes, so that they build as a result of input from the company and in response to the consumer or, the way we look at it, as a result of fully interacting with their environment.

Unconventional helps companies create and update their identity, their image and their strategies by integrating their on- and off-line visibility, focusing particularly on engaging the brand with the new and changing multi-directional environment, digital platforms, social networks, the internet and the many digital and technological tools that promote connections, sales and ways of building relationships with consumers.


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  • Cross media planning strategies.
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