Digital and social media strategy

The first contact with the brand is digital

Whether it is via the internet, a mobile device or social networks, most first contacts with brands are digital.

This first digital experience affords the brand the opportunity to make its identity and personality very clear, as well as to inform, seduce,convince or sell.

The new technologies are re-defining the way brands behave and communicate. At Unconventional we help brands define their digital identity and personality, what their experience of the many and varied forms of on/off line expression will be like and how the brand will use them to interact with the different audiences.

We do more than create websites or blogs or sign you up to social networks.

Digital interactive personality

  • Create and define a brand identity on the Internet.
  • Define corporate brand strategy vis-à-vis social networks: we help your promise get coverage on social networks and create awareness and loyalty amongst your on-line communities.
  • Develop a strategy for influencers and for testing the product on the Internet.
  • Define and implement SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Manage and monitor your on-line reputation.
  • Create digital marketing and on-line shops.
  • Generate digital content: cultural content and sales content.
  • Develop 2.0 and 3.0 tools: blogs, mobile content banners, Iphone/Ipad apps, facebook apps, on-line shops, mushups, widgets.