Nuria Carballo

Founder and Creative Director

I am a Creative Thinker and Creative Director with an international cross-sector expertise profile

As a Creative Thinker and Creative Director I am helping clients and other Creative Directors, Ceos, Agencies, Private Equity Firms, Innovation & Design Managers or Brand managers to create and develop new ideas, concepts and brands.

I am the Creative Director and founder of Unconventional London, a Brand Innovation/Design/Communication consultancy with headquarters in London and offices in New York, Shanghai, Madrid and Lisbon.

I can work as a consultant, in house or delivering services through my company.

I have lived and worked in NY, Paris, Madrid and recently in London where I am based.

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

I am creating bold new ideas, concepts and brands for small and big companies worldwide

I have created innovation and creative projects for:

– Large and small companies such as Timberland, Chanel, Evian, Heineken, Havaianas, Omni Singapore, Amanda Wakeley, Abengoa, Acciona.

– Agencies and consultants like Dentsu/Japan, TBWA/NY, Price Waterhouse Coopers/Europe, Tradeco/Sanghai, Terra Firma/London, or AGC Equity Partners/London.

– For public Government Institutions and Associations such as The Spanish Council Board for Fashion, Tourism from Spain, The Spanish Council of Architects and The Spanish Association of Canned Food.

As the person responsible for their innovation strategies, branding and communication campaigns, my contribution as Creative Thinker and Creative Director is leading these companies and professionals:

– To find new opportunities for their brands.
– To create new ideas and concepts and turn them into profitable businesses.
– To achieve strong long lasting relationships with their audiences.

In almost all these cases I have been called upon to develop a second project and form part of the board to deliver my vision or to give a second opinion on their new projects.

I have a multidisciplinary and global network that enables ideas to be materialised on time and cost-effectively

I maintain a team of over 50 professionals and advisors in the areas of insights, marketing, strategic planning, creative direction, art direction, editing, photography, industrial design, graphic design and interactive platforms, ensuring work is delivered not only to better standards of quality but also faster.

I have a clear creative and strategic thinking and strong interpersonal skills

With clear strategic thinking and strong communication and interpersonal skills, I have led teams of between 25 and 160 people. I am recognized for my creativity/lateral thinking skills, problem-solving, action-planning, decision-making, ability to lead projects and for being assertive and motivating.

My areas of expertise

– Creative Thinking
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Management
– Innovation Management
– Design Managament
– Concept Development
– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– Graphic Design

I have also founded other companies

(From 2005 until today)
Focused on Trend Analysis and Consumer Behaviour forecasting.

(To be released next October)
A digital and printed publication on art, culture, ideas, architecture, design and visual arts.

(From 2002 until today)
A School for Creative thinking and Visual Arts.

(From 1985 to 1990)
A company that distributed Spanish and Italian clothes with its own showroom.

I am also a publisher and editor

(From 1981 to 1997)
An International Fashion Magazine. Biannual.
Spread: 45.000 units each edition
Subscribers: 17.750
Advertisers: from 70 to 100 each issue.

(From 1987 to 1997)
A Magazine on Spanish Art, architecture, Design, Film &Culture. Biannual.
Spread: 42.000 units each edition
Subscribers: 7.500
Advertisers: from 25 to 45 each issue.

(From 1985 to 1995)
An International Food, travel & lifestyle Magazine. Biannual.
Spread: 45.000 units each edition
Subscribers: 10.760
Advertisers: from 60 to 80 each issue.

I teach and lecture at University, at public and private Schools and also at Institutions

I am also a professor head of the Art Direction and Trend Analysis department of the Fine Arts School (University of Vigo) and Head of the International Commerce Department of the Economics School (University of Vigo).

I lecture on creativity, innovation, branding, design and trends at a number of schools as well as for public and private entities.

I teach and lead workshops in our own UNC School and also at private companies.


I am a 49 year old creative director living in London and working and traveling around the world. I have two daughters and I love spending time with them and being deeply envolved in their education. I am a family oriented woman and I also love being surrounded by old and new friends who also share my passions.

I love everything related to visual and creative arts, such as photography, graphic design, industrial design, film, art, architecture, landscape, advertising, new technologies and social media. I also love economics, social sciences and anthropology.

I am passionate about all types of music and I play the cello.

I love reading, writing, taking photographs, drawing and filming.

I also enjoy nature, walking and sports, especially tennis and skiing.

Professional career

I founded specialist Brand Innovation, Design and Communication agency Unconventional London in 2005 and since then have been based in London, helping international brands create and develop new ideas, concepts, products and brands.

I also set up Unconventional Vision, an observatory focusing on consumer behaviour and trends geared to helping businesses understand new markets and the factors that motivate people to engage with products, services and brands.

In 2000 I founded my own company, Nuria Carballo Studio, based in Spain, which is still active, creating Branding and Communication for the most recognizable Spanish brands.

I set up an office in Paris in 1985 to support the international development of the Spanish Fashion Industry promotional program. My role in that project was as Creative Director and Worldwide Publisher of GM fashion magazine, a biannual publication produced entirely in-house. I was also in charge of staging international fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and Barcelona. I kept the office until 1990.

For those eight years I worked on the program to re-energize Spain’s fashion industry, which involved me taking an active part in the marketing and communications programme that led to the creation and development of a number of unique brands such as Zara, Adolfo Dominguez or Roberto Verinno.

In 1993 I devised a promotion and engagement plan for the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) and the Event Schedule for the St James Holy Year, promoting it internationally and creating an association with Dentsu Tokyo. Dentsu and myself jointly looked after thecommunications initiatives in Japan.

In 1992, my company in association with Price Waterhouse created the content for the promotion plan for the Spanish/Galician Pavillion at Expo 92. The whole work included the concept and the design management of the building, the promotion and brand activation plan and the organization of all the events.


I studied Economics Science at the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Complutense University of Madrid, then I took a postgraduate Master in Advertising and Creative direction at Berkley, University of California.

I was trained in Art Direction and Photography at the Institute of Visual Arts, Madrid.

I am still training in all the new areas of expertise and sit on panels of experts and attend conferences and courses.