Brand Management

Brands are and will continue to be an asset and a significant piece of equity for companies and corporations to continue to invest in or buy (or sell) as part of growth strategies.

Understanding the state of health of the brand about to be acquired or its capacity to change and generate new business and profits is essential in order to decide whether it is worth investing in it or not.

At Unconventional London, Nuria Carballo provides the tools and experience that are required to manage the brand, assessing its state of health, awareness levels, the features that are adding to the brand’s equity and its potential to grow and develop in the new era.

Brand value

A report covering the key aspects of the brand’s health, useful for understanding what the brand’s equity is and for determining its price.

Brand vision

Identifying the areas where the brand might have the most potential to develop or extend into new market categories or segments. Useful for defining the brand’s equity and subsequent development.

Brand revitalization

Creative, innovation, market launch and communications services for when the brand enters a new phase