Interactive design

Digital personality and presence

In recent years design for digital and interactive platforms has evolved to the point that every month, if not every day, some new technology,
format or application appears. At Unconventional we keep up to speed with all the very latest developments so we can always provide the most effective solutions.

We have created applications for iPad and iPhone, designed widgets and digital adverts for social networks, digital catalogues and all sorts of sites and micro-sites where the brand’s personality, reputation and online presence still shine through.

No more websites

We do not design websites anymore. At least not in the classic sense of the word website, since we think that websites have completely

It’s more about creating relevant content and also a design that allows this content out stand.

There needs to be unity, coherence and an idea of what the brand is all about across all the platforms, allied with a solid on/oline strategy to achieve an effective presence.

Digital and interactive applications

  • Digital Content.
  • Websites.
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Pop ups
  • Apps
  • Internet and Mobile Applications.
  • Pictograms for Digital Devices.
  • Presentations for Conferences, Lectures
    and Events.
  • Film and Screen Identities.