Creating emotional connections

Creating emotional connections with consumers in the 21st century involves changing the traditional concept of “the brand offers” to the new “the brand shares” concept.

Unconventional helps companies create and update their identity, their image and their strategies by integrating their on- and off-line visibility, focusing particularly on engaging the brand with the new and changing multi-directional environment, digital platforms, social networks, the internet and the many digital and technological tools that promote connections, sales and ways of building relationships with consumers.

Ensuring long-lasting relationships with the internal and external target audiences

Nuria Carballo devises a concept and an action plan designed to create resonance and a point of difference through the contact the consumer has with the brand. A guide as to how audiences might interact with the brand via all the media it uses so as to ensure their experience and perception of the brand are positive at all points at which they come into contact with it. For internal and external audiences.

Creating emotional connections with audiences on-line/off-line.